Why us


We love our pets in so many different ways, but at Cosmo Pet, we show our love most by caring about three types of ingredients we include in our pet treats. 

We want their bodies to grow properly and remain trim with lustrous coats, so we focus on: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, all of which ensure body maintenance.  We also focus on the energy levels of our pets.  That means we pay close attention to: protein, carbohydrates, and fat which help our pets store and utilize energy when they need it most. Finally, we focus on: prebiotics, antioxidants, and fiber because these are the ingredients that prevent long-term disease and counteract the effects of aging.

Our Goal

No matter how skilled we are at combining the earth's most natural ingredients into a nutritious and tasty treat, we are surrounded by people with new ideas about how we can get even better.  For that reason, we think the most fundamental trait we can have as a company is humility--to be continually open to ways we can get better.  Getting better is our goal, which is why we invite you to become part of the mission.  As a member of the Cosmo Pet Club (no charge), we want you to be the person you already are--a conscientious pet owner who can give voice to the experiences you have with our treats. (Join the Club) 


Our values

      We talk to our pets, and they listen, but who speaks for them?  The answer is you do, by watching how they react to new foods and experiences you make available.  What you do naturally is exactly what we do continuously.  Cosmo Pet was created from the passion we have for our very own pets--Archy the dog and Nelly the Cat. Just like you, we are always observing what our pets want and think.  So, imagine building a company around this concept; to find and supply everything in nature our pets find interesting and tasty as long as it is first tested on humans and scientifically proven to be in the animal's best interest.   

That's Cosmo Pet. 

That's us...